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RESERVOIRSON enables you to purchase online sounds with the intention of integrating them to your sound or audio-visual projects. (see copyrights)

Website use instructions

1- Select one or several sounds using the search engine or the keyword menu. You can listen to a 30 second (MP3) sample of the sound. The actual sounds vary between two and three minutes.

2- Place the sounds you wish to purchase in the cart.

3- You can change your selection at any time by consulting the contents of the cart.

4- Once you have finished your selection, follow the instructions for check out via Paypal (secure payment by credit card).

5- Once your payment has been accepted, you will be invited from the Paypal screen to go back to Reservoirson to download the sounds.

6- You will receive an invoice of your purchase  and the links to download  via e-mail

Terms and conditions of sales and use.

This document sets out the rights relating to the use of works commercialised by  Reservoirson.com , which is a trademark of Take Two SARL (Ltd), Geneva, Switzerland.

The works sold by RESERVOIRSON.COM are not under the control of any copyright management organization. These organizations ( SUISA or others) cannot demand a fee or compensation from the buyer / user for the usage of the above mentioned works.

RESERVOIRSON.COM, hold the exploitation rights of the audio works it distributes. These rights allow the company to grant such licenses within the limits defined under Clause 1.

The buyer will only be granted a licence of usage under the terms and conditions of this contract and has no ownership of the works purchased and downloaded from RESERVOIRSON.COM

Upon acceptance of the sales conditions and full payment of the works downloaded from this site, the buyer will receive upon request, in addition to the works acquired a nominative registered license. It will confirm the same terms as this present document, rights and limits of usage of the works to the licensee as well as the specific references of them. This personal licence of use mentioned above will serve as proof in case of control.

Clause 1:    License

In return for full payment of works downloaded from RESERVOIRSON.COM, the licensee can and excluding any other use, use the works as defined in Clause 2.

Any other use then that specified in Clause 2, requires the explicit agreement from the representative of RESERVOIRSON.COM. The licensee is responsible for guaranteeing towards RESERVOIRSON.COM compliance with the terms of the present contract.

Clause 2:    Use of Works

The works are intended for the design of soundtrack audio-visual projects, multimedia, Internet and any cultural or artistic project. They may, in the respect of works synchronized, be reproduced and redistributed.

Clause 3: Terms of Use

The licensee is not authorised to assign or sell his license to a third party. Is also excluded from the operating license the reproduction for marketing purposes and free or paid redistribution of non-synchronized works on a project other then specified in Clause 2.
Failure to comply with Clause 3 causes cancellation of the present license.

Clause 4: Exclusivity

This license does not grant any exclusivity.

Clause 5: Duration

This license has no limitation in time.

Clause 6: Geographic Scope

This license will be for all countries.

Clause 7: Warranty

RESERVOIRSON.COM will replace any defective file or media supplied.

Clause 8: Applicable law and disputes

These general conditions of sale are subject to Swiss law. The language of this contract is translated from the original contract in French language. All disputes relating to the commercial relationship between RESERVOIRSON.COM and the consumer author of the orders are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of law in Switzerland.

Clause 9: Patent Rights

The site’s design, shape, title and all other information contained on RESERVOIRSON.COM are protected under worldwide and trademarks laws. Any use constitutes infringement and is punishable under the intellectual property regulations unless prior written permission is granted by RESERVOIRSON.COM.
Any reproduction of the catalogue RESERVOIRSON.COM is strictly prohibited.